ENG102 FINAL Practice Exam

ENG102 FINAL Practice Exam Answer Key

Links to audio files: 

Listening 1: http://sohaibsandhu.podomatic.com/entry/2015-05-13T22_42_42-07_00

Listening 2: http://sohaibsandhu.podomatic.com/entry/2015-05-13T22_44_26-07_00

Listening 3: http://sohaibsandhu.podomatic.com/entry/2015-05-13T22_37_21-07_00


2014-2015 Q-Skills -102 Spring Pacing Schedule – (v2.0)edit

Q-Skills – Book 1 – Omissions

Q-Skills – Book 2 – Omissions

Reading and Writing Quizzes

QUIZ                                        Answer Key

Test_RW2_Midterm Q           Test_RW2_Midterm_AK 

Test_RW2_Unit1 Q                Test_RW2_Unit1_AK 

Test_RW2_Unit2 Q                Test_RW2_Unit2_AK

Test_RW2_Unit3 Q                Test_RW2_Unit3_AK

Test_RW2_Unit4 Q                Test_RW2_Unit4_AK

Test_RW2_Unit5 Q                Test_RW2_Unit5_AK

Test_RW2_Unit6  Q               Test_RW2_Unit6_AK

Listening and Speaking Quizzes  (Below)

Paste listening script into http://www.naturalreaders.com/ to convert the text to sound

QUIZ                                        Answer Key                                 Audioscript

Q_Test_LS2_Midterm Q_Test_LS2_Midterm_AK Q_Test_LS2_Midterm_AudioScript

Q_Test_LS2_Unit1 Q_Test_LS2_Unit1_AK Q_Test_LS2_Unit1_AudioScript

Q_Test_LS2_Unit2 Q_Test_LS2_Unit2_AK Q_Test_LS2_Unit2_AudioScript

Q_Test_LS2_Unit3 Q_Test_LS2_Unit3_AK Q_Test_LS2_Unit3_AudioScript

Q_Test_LS2_Unit4 Q_Test_LS2_Unit4_AK Q_Test_LS2_Unit4_AudioScript

Q_Test_LS2_Unit5 Q_Test_LS2_Unit5_AK Q_Test_LS2_Unit5_AudioScript

Q_Test_LS2_Unit6 Q_Test_LS2_Unit6_AK Q_Test_LS2_Unit6_AudioScript

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