Technical Writing (Introduction)


PDF Course Content TW (Intro)

Week Topics Main Areas to cover
Week 1  Introduction to Technical Writing
  • About the Technical Report
  • Types of Technical Reports
  • Audience and Situation
  • Topics to write about
  • Brainstorming for ideas
  • General Characteristics of Technical Reports
Week 2/3 Introduction to RFPs and TendersIntroduction to

Writing Proposals

  • About RFPs and Tenders
  • Searching for sample RFP/Tenders
  • Understanding requirements
  • The proposal
Week 3 Introduction toWriting Proposals
  • Getting ideas together for a proposal
  • Structures of a proposal
  • Writing professionally
Week 4/5 Introduction to Writing Progress Reports
  • About Progress Reports
  • Tasks completed & work to be done
  • Report Format
  • Linking it to your proposal
  • Putting it all together
Week 5/6 As Above plusWriting Instructions


  • About Instructions
  • Audience
  • Grouping Tasks
  • Step-by-step writing
Week 6 Writing InstructionsPreparing for final report and oral presentation
  • As above plus
  • Oral Presentations using powerpoint
  • Preparing your final report
Week 7 Submission of final reportsPresentations

Feedback and marks


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