Who am I?

Born and brought up in London, and of Pakistani heritage, I currently work and live in Madinah, Saudi Arabia at university level. I’m a native speaker of the English language.


My main area of expertise is language assessment and teaching English which occupies 90% of my time. In terms of academic level, I have studied up to doctoral level from one of the UK’s top universities.

I am currently Head of professional development where I work and am a regular language instructor which I love doing. Teaching is my bread and butter and it’s what keep’s me going. Imparting knowledge and seeing your students succeed is a truly satisfying experience. I also teach and train online.

In the past I’ve headed up a testing team and was responsible for the exams of 5,000 students across 5 university campuses. Examining has also been an area I have been involved in, including being an IELTS examiner for about 5 years. It has also been a pleasure to work for some of the big names in ELT, including Pearson and Oxford University Press.

Accountancy is also an area of expertise. I qualified (Chartered Management Accountant) a while back. I have also been an IT consultant.

I have also  been involved in voice recordings and have worked on a major project in Saudi Arabia.

I believe these varied skills do somehow contribute to my work, and I’m eager to learn more!

Feel free to contact me via the contacts page.

The website

My interests are wide, and hopefully people who visit the site may be able to find something useful. So the ethos here is sharing with the wider community, especially those interested in English. The main purpose thus, is to provide information in the English language across a wide range of subject areas.


I will consider any requests for worthwhile educational or other causes that need some expertise on a volunteer basis.

Your feedback is essential and if there are any resources you’d like to see added, or you just want to say something, please do let me know.

Thank you for coming to my website.


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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Asalamu ‘alaikum Suhaib,

    Your site is a refreshing change from a lot of ESOL site primarily because you don’t bog down your language with acronyms. I like the fact you share your knowledge without wanting to display your knowledge.

    As a fellow teacher and former Graphic Designer I was interested in your analogy of teaching materials being ongoing sources of income. Think of how much time and effort is wasted in teachers preparing worksheets for the same kinds of lessons.

    In my current position we are required to produce lesson plans for every lesson we teach and this can often be up to seven periods a day. Needless to say I am building up a library of plans. I have logged them by book title and page number and my thought is: There is a finite number of books taught in the Kingdom and between the communtiy a library of plans could also be built up covering Headway, Cutting Edge, Workplace Plus, Interchange or, like me, Interactions. It would certainly save a lot of man hours.


  2. Assalamu alaikum,
    I am currently teaching primary 3 at an Islamic school in Malaysia. I just saw your pictures of the sun’s rays in Madinah and was exclaiming thinking how I wish I was there it is the only city I would move to if I was not in Malaysia.
    If you know of any openings please contact. Please note, I have 4 children that range from 6-15.
    Brother Assad you would be surprised at the good books, and unit studies that are coming out of the home-school arena with effective easy to use lesson plans.

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