Technical Writing (Introduction)

Course Calendar

PDF Course Calendar TW (Intro)

Week Topics Suggested Resources/See also Reading list
Week 1  Introduction to Technical Writing


Week 2/3 Introduction to RFPs and Tenders Introduction to Writing Proposals

Proposals, Chp. 6 p.81-110 in Finkelstein,L. (2008)

Week 3 Introduction toWriting Proposals As above
Week 4/5 Introduction to Writing Progress Reports

Progress Reports, Chp.7 p.111-126  in Finkelstein,L. (2008)

Week 5/6 As Above plusWriting Instructions

Instructions & Manuals, Chp.10 p.175-196 in  Finkelstein,L. (2008)

Week 6 Writing InstructionsPreparing for final report and oral presentation As above
Week 7 Submission of final reportsPresentationsFeedback and marks Review material as neccessary:Online Technical Writing – McMurrey, D 

Mayfield Handbook of Technical Writing

Pocket Book of Technical Writing for Engineers & Scientists-Finkelstein


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