Ramadan Day 11 (2012)

“On the roof, spot the difference”


Ramadan Day 3 (2012)

“And before complaining about life and it’s ‘miseries’, remember those who are going through a greater torment. Indeed, through patience and thankfulness you can overcome any difficulty; indeed there are many who have a greater test.”

Syrian Refugee camp in Zaatari , near the Jordanian border. source: http://www.facebook.com/BritishSyrianRevolution

Eid greetings at the end of Ramadan 2011

End of Ramadan comment:

If every individual in the world was to fast for a period of 29/30 days in a year, and take out five, five-minute slots a day to genuinely reflect on what the purpose of life was, would the world become a better place? Could wars and social injustice be defeated? Would the waste that humanity produces be reduced? Would anything really negative transpire? Whilst we continue to create our new ‘imagined needs’ to forever become our focus of operandi  and convince ourselves that we are the kings of our destiny and that destiny, time and world resources are in fact slaves to our desires,  are we leading ourselves to a self-belief that we can conquer and overcome ‘mother-nature’? If we can defeat death, then indeed we may well profess that we are Gods, but until we can do so, then we are mortals. There is an end….but is this end potentially the beginning to an even better ‘life’?  Now ask yourself this question. Are you genuinely open-minded and going to challenge your assumptions about life (meaning you need to put to one side all preconceived ideas) with the possibility of opening up a new positive paradigm, or are you going to be closed-minded and let things just take their course?