Reflecting on life in an age of AI

Apologies for my absence from blogging (not sure who I’m speaking to, perhaps it’s a false sense of being important).

There is much talk these days about ChatGPT, and Microsoft’s $10 billion dollar investment into Open AI.

Whilst we are mesmerised by the headlines and the promises of more automaticity, and being able to communicate with our devices directly (speaking to them), and of course perhaps we may not even have to write, if machines (like a tech servant) do what we command them to, and even do our writing for us, it is important to keep an open mind about technology developments.

Humanity is dynamic, we are complex creations, and our potential to understand is significant, but we have a tendency to be distracted.

However, in this day and age where we flip from laptop to smart phone, and then back to laptop, without even giving ourselves times to reflect, there is a danger of getting carried away.

I am not against new technology, and new developments, but the question I ask myself, is this. How many of us take even one hour in a week, to think about what is going on, and what the real purpose of our lives is?

If perhaps we did, we could take a step back from all of this chatter and bring back some balance to the way we view the world.

The point of all of the above? Take time out to think and reflect before you are taken in by all that is around you, and you forget your real purpose in life.

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