The importance of sleep in college!!

Watch, Listen, Make notes, Read your notes, re-write your notes, write some questions about the video to ask others, Speak about the video. What were the things that you remember. Were there any new words you learnt?

How to never lose your luggage – Teaching ideas

Students, watch/see, listen, write, read and speak (see below)

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There are no published materials out there that easily combine video and use this as a starting point for teaching language.

Here’s an idea: (1) Students watch/listen to the video, (2) They make notes of what they hear (listen to), (3) They then write down some questions relating to their notes, (4) They ask their classmates or instructor questions about the video. So, the process is as follows: Watch/see, listen, make notes, write questions based on information collected, read out questions and then speak.

Ramadan Day 7 – Door near the Prophets (PBUH) Grave

Baqee Gate close to where the Prophet is buried

If you want to listen to me speak about the door, click here

or you can read what I’m saying below

“The significance of this door, is that it is very close to where the Prophet is buried. In fact this door acts as the exit for people once they have paid their respects. Literally thousands of Muslims will pass through this door on a daily basis. It’s an opportunity for Muslims to realise that this very important person from history, was in fact very real and present, and His impact was enormous.”

Ramadan Day 6 – Doors of the Prophets Mosque

Quba Gate - Door no:5 - West side of the Prophets Mosque

Quba Gate - Door no:5 - West side of the Prophets Mosque

If you want to hear me speak about this, click here.

or you can read what I say here:

“There are many doors around the mosque. This is the Quba gate. The large doors around the mosque are similar in design i.e. most of the doors have big arches, with striped bricks, supported by white pillars which are covered in gold coloured plates and ornaments. But although one could talk at length about the doors, it’s what these doors lead to, that really uplift the spirit.”