Ramadaan (Aug’2011) is about to begin

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“Entrances are made, intentions are formed, topics are introduced, turns are taken, actions are performed, reactions are prompted, and in turn reacted to; understandings are checked, contributions are acknowledged, breakdowns occur, repairs are contrived; exits are negotiated” (Hugh Trappes-Lomax)

Language and Engineering


Do you really need to speak the same language to understand these? Or can we understand these in over 200 hundred different languages?

English in Saudi Arabia from Year 4

When anyone has reservations about the introduction of English, it often results in accusations of being conservative. At the same time, those who want to start English from Year 1, are accused of being anti-Saudi or ‘liberal’.

At the moment, a few schools are implementing the ‘new idea’. Many no doubt believe that starting English earlier, is bound to be better.

But here’s a question. Does more English necessarily mean better English?

Saudi students that I’ve taught make it clear that their teachers did not ‘teach properly’. Without realising, our students are alluding to an issue that may not have been considered. It’s called ‘TEACHING METHODOLOGY’. Basically, if English continued to be taught from the current Year 7, then as long as a new teaching methodology was being introduced, the results could be much better than they currently are.

So the bottom line here, is better teacher training, and better materials. Starting from Year 4 may sound great, but is it really the answer